Security Message

We have detected an incompatibility with either your Web Browser, your Security Software, or your Website Proxy, that is preventing you from being able to access Secure Content on our Website.

Specifically, if you attempt to reach our Checkout Page, it appears that you will not be able to do so. This will prevent you from being able to purchase products from our Website. You should still be able to view products and store location information on our website.

Things Engraved uses Security Settings on our Website that will ensure that your personal information, including Credit Card information, are kept secure.

NOTE: Some of these settings are mandated by the Payment Card Industry, and are required to be implemented, in order to accept Payment Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) for processing.

If you are viewing this page, it's likely that your browser is old, or out of date. However, it may be that you need to turn on higher security settings within your browser, in order to view Secure Content on our Website.

Please visit the following link, in order to check on the Security Capabilities of your Browser:

   Qualys SSL Labs - Check Now

The latest versions of most common web browser are 100% compatible with our Website. Therefore, you can likely fix this issue by downloading the latest version of your web browser.

Browser Compatibility

Browser Version Notes
Internet Explorer 11+ Known to work
Internet Explorer 8 - 10 May need TLS 1.1+ enabled
Internet Explorer < 7 Incompatible
Mozilla Firefox 27+ Known to work
Mozilla Firefox 23-26 May need TLS 1.1+ enabled
Mozilla Firefox < 23 Incompatible
Google Chrome 30+ Known to work
Google Chrome 22-29 May need TLS 1.1+ enabled
Google Chrome < 21 Incompatible
Safari - Mac OSX 7+ Known to work
Safari - Mac OSX < 6 Incompatible
Safari - iOS/iPhone 5+ (iOS 5+) Known to work
Safari - iOS/iPhone <= 5 (<=iOS 4) Incompatible

Other Issues

Things Engraved has investigated some issues related to Proxy Servers not properly supporting TLS v1.1+. In these scenarios, when attempting to visit our Secure Website Content, the Proxy Server will generate a 'Web Protection' page suggesting that the website cannot be reached. Usually these pages will also show a software Vendor Name, different from the Browser's Vendor Name, giving an indication that the browser is not responsible for the issue. In these cases, you will need to work with the Proxy Server vendor, or those responsible for the Proxy Server installation, in order to have the issue resolved.

As a simple test, attempting to reach here should present you with a page showing your Internet IP Address. If it does not, then there may be a Proxy Server preventing you from reaching Secure Content on our Website. If you have an IT Group that is responsible for Security Software on your computer, you may need to contact them, and ask for support.